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Is there anything FuNNER?!?




You choose the design, we send you the brix, and you build it!  Build-a-Kit Workshops are that easy.  Imagine your own custom models, products, marketing gifts, etc.  Brixalot will work with you to design, gather, and organize a do-it-yourself Workshop that's sure to be a kid (and whole family) pleaser!  Here's one we recently did...




... after designing a custom kit (in this case, a miniature of the company's flagship product), gathering the parts, sending the brix and they did the rest!  Over 125 kids had a blast and the coolest take-home gift of the tour.


What's Included?


What's Not Included?






Disclaimer:  This website is neither affiliated with nor sponsored by The Lego Company. Brixalot models are built with 100% LEGO brand bricks but are not approved or designed by The Lego Company.  LEGO is a registered trademark of The Lego Company.  Visit the LEGO website.