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Whether you're looking for incredible Birthday Parties, unique Group Events, or one-of-a-kind Marketing Gifts for your products or your developing "engineers", you've come to the right place!

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Drop us a line with any questions like: 

Q: Is it legal for a grown man to own so many LEGO(R) bricks?

A: So far, no FBI, CIA, police, or Green Latern(R) Corp have stormed our front door!


Q: Is it normal for a grown man to own so many LEGO(R) bricks?

A: That depends on whom you ask...  all guys have hobbies, and the older they get the more expensive the hobbies become.  This hobby happens to pay for itself and help keep Charlene at home with the boys.  But as for normal, well... :-)


Q: How do you clean so many brix?

A: Cleaning is easy.  See the Guidelines.  Drying, however, is a super-secret, proprietary mystery of the cosmos that I will never reveal unless 3 dozen, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies are involved... 




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