Birthday Parties


VA, DC, MD, and inbetween!

featuring LEGO bricks.

Is there anything COOLER?!?



As featured in the Washington Parent Magazine, Brixalot Inc. rents brix for incredible birthday parties featuring an ocean of LEGO(R) and DUPLO(R) bricks by the tens of thousands.  Kids don't just sit and watch a performer in a structured, same old routine.  They immediately begin building anything they can imagine using pieces they've seen and have never seen before!  Download our full brochure for all the details.


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Disclaimer:  This website is neither affiliated with nor sponsored by The Lego Company. Brixalot models are built with 100% LEGO brand bricks but are not approved or designed by The Lego Company.  LEGO is a registered trademark of The Lego Company.  Visit the LEGO website.